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Carer Onco Nutrition Protocol

Carer Onco Nutrition Protocol

Carer Onco Nutrition protocol aims at meeting the caloric needs of the patient in order to expedite healing and recovery. Nutrition plays an imperative role in the re-building of the immune system and increasing the nutritional levels of the patient while on treatment and post treatment.

  • Customisation of meal plans based on the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis and lifestyle, as well distinctive feeding methods.
  • The nutritionist makes one home visit, while initiating in-depth consultation calls every week to monitor the progress.
  • The patient has 24/7 access to a personal nutritionist every day, guiding and helping him/her with all their nutrition requirements.
  • The aim is to help the patient make the best nutritional choices for him/herself for optimal recovery, while improving nutritional deficiencies.

Prices starting at Rs. 170 per day inclusive of taxes.

Carer Onco Movement and Meditation Protocol

Carer Onco Movement and Meditation Protocol

Cancer has major physical strains on the body. Loss of muscle mass and range of motion might be affected due to surgery, the treatment's side-effects and symptoms.

There are tried and tested movement patterns developed by Carer that have proved to improve functional mobility, hormonal levels, pain, strength and physical and mental related symptoms of patients.

  • Focus is on strength building and limiting muscle atrophy.
  • Stretching and strengthening of muscles, pain management, stimulating the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and breathing techniques for the body and mind.
  • In order to implement permanent lifestyle changes and self-practice, Carer has carefully crafted the sessions to take place twice every week with a total of 12 sessions.
  • These are led by Onco movement therapists and are one on one in the patient’s home.

Prices starting at Rs. 390 per day inclusive of taxes.

Carer Onco Mental Well-being Protocol

Carer Onco Mental Well-being Protocol

The objective of the Mental Well-being protocol is to provide a supportive environment for the patient and his/her family by helping them accept and move on. Specified techniques are used in order to achieve results.

  • Using the techniques of coaching, the patient is put into a goal-oriented state of mind, while being taught tools and processes to cope with unwarranted stress, anxiety, fears and so on.
  • The patient has access to a Carer Mental Well-being Therapist every week, for 6 weeks. These sessions are comprised of in-depth consultations over phone or video.

Prices starting at Rs. 190 per day inclusive of taxes.

Carer45 protocol

Carer45 Protocol

A 45-day program personalised to your diagnosis, prognosis, background and lifestyle, Carer45 is ideal to help you with substantial healing and recovery, while initiating permanent lifestyle changes. If you are on treatment, it helps in managing symptoms better and dealing with the disease. If off-treatment, Carer45 shifts focus to complete recovery and rehabilitation by re-building your immune system, strengthening body and mind and helping you come back to a new normal.

Carer45 is a combination of all three therapies, Nutrition, Movement and Meditation and Mental Well-being, for complete recovery.

Prices starting at Rs. 550 per day inclusive of taxes.

Carer21 protocol

Carer21 Protocol

Carer21 is a 21-day concise program primarily designed to kick-start your cancer care regime in the crucial areas of nutrition, movement and meditation and mental well-being. It is also ideal as a gift of care and better health from caregivers, friends, family and colleagues for someone they know affected by cancer. Carer21 benefits your loved one by guiding them on the right nutrition, essential movement therapy, and how to deal with mental and emotional stress that comes with cancer.

Carer21 is recommended to be used as a demo to Carer45.

Prices starting at Rs. 420 per day inclusive of taxes.