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Our Protocols

How We Support Your Treatment

Carer's Onco protocols for nutrition, movement & meditation, and mental well-being are based on globally recognised non-clinical therapies for cancer treatment and are proven by patient tests and studies conducted by us in India. At Carer, we have adapted the non-clinical oncology therapies originally created and established by some of the top cancer hospitals in the world, such as a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and MD Anderson, which are designed to improve patient and clinical outcomes. Carer’s personalised protocols are tailored to a patient's specific cancer and treatment stage, and represent the gold standard in non-clinical care for cancer. Results from certain studies indicate 80% of involuntary weight loss arrested, 70% improvement in functional mobility of the upper body, 40%-45% improvement in level of tension experienced by the patient, 70%-80% reduction in fear of the illness.

ONCO Nutrition Protocol

Carer Onco Nutrition Protocol

Personalised onco nutrition and diet plans guided and monitored by trained clinical nutritionists that focus on immunity, neutropenia, coping with chemotherapy and much more, keeping your patient optimally nourished during and post treatment.

How it helps your patients

  • Delivers optimal nutritional requirements through both micronutrients and macronutrients by assessing and monitoring the nutritional status of the patient.
  • Improves nutritional absorption by better managing the compromised digestive system.
  • Repairs and builds damaged cells and tissues as a result of chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Rebuilds the immune system.
  • Arrests involuntary weight loss.
Onco Movement and Meditation Protocol

Carer Onco Movement and Meditation Protocol

From strength building to mobility therapy to pain management, our yoga inspired movement and meditation therapies are delivered by specialised onco therapists and tailored to a patient’s specific cancer stage and case to strengthen their body and mind.

How it helps your patients

  • Manages cancer symptoms like loss of muscle mass and strength.
  • Builds muscle and bone density and improves functional mobility.
  • Provides post-surgical rehabilitation and functional therapy.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and helps in pain management.
  • Balances body and mind through breathing techniques.
  • Stimulates the digestive system, lymphatic system and circulatory system.
Onco Mental Well-being Protocol

Carer Onco Mental Well-being Protocol

Supportive care and counselling you might need to take on the mental conflict and doubt cancer brings with it. Get proper guidance by mental well-being therapists who help in reducing mental and emotional stress on both, you and your caregiver.

How it helps your patients

  • Enhances their acceptance and commitment towards the treatment.
  • Assists in coping with the disease, treatment and complications.
  • Helps family members accept and create a positive environment for the patient.
  • Provides a supportive and encouraging environment to deal with the disease.